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Here is the dedicated website which provides links to SnapTube Download App, in this website we are going to provide all the official and working download links for SnapTube APK, Snaptube for PC and iPhone also.

Please note that all the links which is provided here are from the official source and we don’t host any kind of programs and apps on our own servers, all the downloads provided here after linked to official websites only.

SnapTube Video Downloader is a wonderful entertainment app which comes with inbuilt video downloading and converting features. The app lets you enjoy unlimited videos in qualities ranging from 1080P HD to 144P and unlimited music in high quality. For the app to get the content, you will not need to install any extra plugins.

You can simple search in SnapTube Download App or can directly put the link from video sites into the app to start the downloading process. Talking of the supported languages, at present the app supports English, however the official developers are looking forward to add support for more languages also.

SnapTube Download APK, Android, iPhone & PC Free App:

The good thing about SnapTube is that you can easily download YouTube playlists with just a click, this saves time as there will be no need for you to download videos individually.

For the music, the app makes the whole experience even much better, you can choose the audio format and quality for the application and you are done. Video formats and resolutions are also supported.

If you can’t get the audio file that you are looking for and the video for the music of you choice is available, SnapTube enables you to get soundtracks from the video with ease.

SnapTube APK supports top websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you are worried about it not being supported on your device, there is no need to worry as the size of the application is just 3.7MB and the package takes 2MB for installation. SnapTube Download App has been specially designed to take up less RAM, so it can easily be used with low-end devices as well.

For those of  you who are willing to give it a try, here are the instructions for getting this app to work on Android and Windows. At present, the application is not available for iOS, however, we will include the steps for getting an alternate app for your iPhone.

SnapTube APK Download for Android:

We would like to mention here that the application is not available via the Google Play Store. You will need to get it and install the app on Smartphone to get going.

Enable Settings in Android Smartphone:

First, before starting with SnapTube Download, users will have to allow app installs from ‘unknown sources’. Now head over to your settings panel then go to the applications options and finally to unknown sources, this will enable the option and the phone will allow the installation of the application.

For those who are wondering who these “unknown sources” are and what do they want? It is quite simple, anything other than the apps that are available on the Google PlayStore is considered so.

You should activate this option with care as all applications may not be good for device. So, for making sure there are no security implications, install the app, and then hit the checkbox again to turn them back off.

Download SnapTube APK App:

After this step, head over to the developer website and click on SnapTube APK Download file. The website will redirect you to a new tab and the download will be started automatically. If it doesn’t start after 15 seconds, all you need to do is click on the restart option and you are good to go.

For better comfort, visiting the website on your mobile device is recommended, however, you can also get the apk on PC and shift it to device through USB or the SHAREit app.

If you want to explore the beta features, then get SnapTube Download (beta version) from the official link given here.

After downloading SnapTube Android App, all you need to do is head over to the downloads folder on device and click on the apk. System will be prompt to start the installation and then click on install, the application will be installed on device.

For those who are transferring the APK from PC to the smartphone, all the process will be similar, the difference being the location that you have to head over to for getting access to the SnapTube APK Download file.

Download SnapTube for PC App:

Firstly, one will need to install an application like BlueStacks on PC. It enables users to get access to Android applications on Windows. There is no need for users to install Android OS or do anything illegal, BlueStacks will take care of everything post installation.

To get BlueStacks, head over to the developer website. The download will be started instantaneously based on the operating system that users are using to access the application. Windows and Mac OS are supported by the program at the moment.

Now, follow a simple set of instructions, do take care that you check the app store access and app notifications option.

For installing the APK on BlueStacks users will need to first download SnapTube APK file on PC in a similar way as mentioned above.

After that copy the apk file into the Apps folder, which is created by default in the Libraries folder at the time of BlueStacks installation. After that right click on the apk file and select open with apk handler.exe which is located in C:\Program Files\blue stack.

SnapTube for iPhone Alternatives:

Finally, for iOS, like we mentioned before, the app is still not available on the platform, you can download an alternate app like Cinemabox or Hotstar meanwhile via the App Store.

SnapTube App is quite light weighted and has a very simple user interface. All you need to do for downloading a video is install the app and then follow a three-step process to get the desired file in the supported formats.

Here I am going to provide some of the best alternatives and similar apps with the functionality of the SnapTube for iPhone App.

Hotstar App:

Hotstar comes out as our special and best adorable app because of the features provided by it. Still, it doesn’t allow app seekers to download videos from websites because this thing is completely against Apple’s terms and conditions so users are not going to find any other app also which provides exact same features of SnapTube App, that’s just impossible to get such app on iPhone or other iOS devices, thanks to iTunes and it’s weird conditions.

Cinema Box App: 

This is a new app of its own kind in the industry which is used by millions of users all over the world mainly because of the features provided by it. One can easily watch tons of online live streamings and videos all over the web directly from one application only. Again users can’t expect all the same features of SnapTube Android App here. Cinema Box App is one of the best entertainment app available right now.

Features of SnapTube Download App:

Here I am going to present the features of the SnapTube APK App which will surely help you to understand more about this amazing and fabulous app.

First and foremost thing that why users love to use SnapTube APP is that it provides vast amount of videos from around 50+ video websites like YT, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc which makes it very easy for them to get the video content from almost any website directly into the mobile smartphone.

  • No Advertisements: Yes, I am serious friends, SnapTube Download comes with zero advertisements.
  • Supports great amount of sites with smooth functioning experience
  • One can get the content in high quality and in resolution ranging from 144p to 1080p i.e truly HD quality
  • Directly get Music files (this feature is not present in many other apps but SnapTube is surely an exception)
  • Users can search videos directly with keywords
  • Directly manage video downloads including Play, Pause, etc
  • It’s 100% safe and easy to use
  • Search for new videos without any issue, as the app is really fast

If you are worried about the security of your Android Smartphone while installing this app, then let me tell you that this app is scanned and certified by more than 5 antivirus solution as clean and ready to use, so directly get SnapTube APK Download from the official sources.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers:   

Here I am answering your all the frequently asked questions so that it becomes easy for you to get required trust for using the SnapTube App.

1. Why SnapTube is not available for iPhone?

Because iTunes has very harsh terms and conditions which restricts all the app developers to provide apps with certain features like downloading videos and entertainment stuffs.

2. Is it safe to download SnapTube App from other source?

Why not? it is not always that you should not download APK files or Android Apps from source other than Play Store, if the app is available on official website then you don’t have to worry about it.

3. I want to get the files in external SD card

Sure, this is possible as the developers understand that some users don’t have smartphones with good internal memory and they want to download the media in the SD card. Just go to the settings, click on Download Path and now choose the desired memory option.

4. I think that my downloading speed is low, what to do?

SnapTube App is built on very powerful servers so if you are facing any low downloading speed or any other speed related issues then kindly contact Internet Service Provider, or check that you do not have more than 5 files in the processing.

5. Can I get media from Facebook?

Yes, this feature is also provided in the SnapTube App, all you need to do is login into FB account from the app itself and click on the video which you want to get.

6. What about Privacy of users?

SnapTube App takes utmost care and deals properly with users privacy. Users don’t have to worry about privacy as the data is never shared with anyone. Just checkout the links provided above and directly get SnapTube Download.

7. How to update the app?

Whenever a new version will be available then you will receive one notification about the same and users can then visit the official website and get the latest app directly.

8. I am unable to find 1080p quality video, what’s the solution?

Well not all the apps which is made available in the made comes with 1080p, we suggest you to go with 720p video when the former one is not available in SnapTube Android App.

9. I want to download the MP3 file and not the video, how to do this?

The is one of the best inbuilt feature you will get when you download SnapTube App. Users can directly search for videos and click on “Download as MP3” option provided right on the screen. The app directly converts the video into MP3 form without in a matter of seconds.

10. How to share downloaded content with my friends?

Just go to the My Video Tab from the menu and you will get the list of all the available videos, now select share option and you can easily share it with other friends with Bluetooth, Facebook, etc.

Final Words about SnapTube Download:

I think we provided everything which we can so that you will find it very easy to use the app in future, but I must say that the best way to understand any application is to use it personally and then to comes at any conclusion.

I am personally using this app from last 2 months and I never found it difficult to use and I must say that the zero ads experience is also amazing since I don’t get those annoying advertisements and popups while using the application.

So, I personally hope that you enjoyed this post on Download SnapTube App APK, Android & iPhone. If you found any kind of problem or issue then let us know about it.

Kindly keep on visiting this website i.e SnapTube Download to keep yourself updated with latest and updated features.