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Apple Music is preparing to launch an application dedicated to classical music

Classical music service Primephonic has been acquired by Apple, and the company now plans to launch a new dedicated app next year.

In a movement of expansion Apple Music a step further, Apple acquired classical music streaming service Primephonic. The move makes sense and paves the way for Apple Music to bring high-quality music to even more enthusiasts. Bringing a niche genre like classical music to a streaming service that’s already used to suggesting exciting new tracks can come in handy.

Primephonic has been in operation for a few years now and is solely focused on delivering high quality classical music to enthusiasts and listeners. An unfortunate problem with a single-genre streaming service is not being able to reach most users who listen to not only classical but other genres as well. Although the company has been able to provide quality classical music to users, its reach has been limited and needs expansion.


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Apple has now confirmed that it has acquired Primephonic, which will allow the startup to stay afloat while bringing the genre to life for many people. Apple plans to develop an app dedicated to classical music fans, where personalized suggestions and search capabilities will be available, much like the current Apple Music app. Users will even be able to search metadata details to find exactly what they are looking for. Apple anticipates that the new service will be “the best in the world“although it’s unclear if Apple Music’s current subscription fees will cover both experiences.

What will happen to Primephonic subscribers?

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Until the app arrives, Apple Music will support Primephonic users and regularly add new classic albums to the existing service. Apple will be offering a six-month promotional offer of free Apple Music to current subscribers so they won’t miss a thing during the transition. Primephonic says the service will be available to existing users until September 7. After that, users will either have to upgrade to Apple Music using the free period offer or find another service.

Quality is an important element of classical music. Oftentimes, high-quality speakers and advertisements on sound systems will highlight classical music, because there are so many different instruments playing cohesively that hearing individual sounds and notes is crucial for experience. Thankfully, Apple will be offering classic playlists and new albums in lossless, high-resolution quality, just as Primephonic has always had in mind as a company. For now, Apple hasn’t given a specific time frame for when the new dedicated experience will go live other than next year.

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