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Classical music app ‘Concertino’ for Apple Music now available for iOS

We have already covered Concertino here on 9to5Mac, which is an application focused on transforming “Apple Music into a magic classical music jukebox”. Previously available only as a web app, Concertino is now available for iOS on the App Store.

Concertino works as a third-party client for Apple Music, making it easy to find classic songs on Apple’s music streaming service. You can explore classical music from top composers, historical periods or suggested playlists (called “radio stations” in the app).

Here’s how the developer describes Concertino:

Online music is here to stay. But, like most platforms, Apple Music was designed for popular music, based on singers, albums and, most importantly, tracks. Classical music requires a very different approach: it is based on composers, works, performers (many of them) and movements. Concertino brings the complex structure of classical music to Apple Music. It combines information about composers and works from the Open Opus library with automated analysis of Apple Music metadata. The result? A free and open application that finally makes Apple Music and classical music work.

The iOS app has been completely designed with the new SwiftUI framework and is now available for free on the App Store. Developers also have access to his open source project on GitHub.

For those who want to access Concertino from a Mac, PC or Android phone, the web app is always available.

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