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Free web music app mimics iPod Classic’s click wheel

Tanner Villarete’s free music player web app simulates the iPod Classic click wheel.
Photo: Tanner Villarete

The iconic iPod click wheel worked well, launched in 2004 with the iPod mini. He joined the design of the fourth generation iPod later that year. He’s even auditioned in the odd product concept over the years. Finally, in 2014, the company phased it out with the iPod Classic.

But nothing great is gone forever, as a new free web-based music player app shows.

The classic iPod click wheel never really went away

The scrolling material that so many have loved spinning over the years is back with developer Tanner Villarete’s free web application, iPod.js. The Seattle-based software engineer’s app mimics the look and feel of the iPod Classic’s click wheel.

The app integrates with Apple Music and Spotify. Simply use your mouse or finger to navigate to Login and navigate to your account’s library.

After that, you can use the virtual click wheel to make music selections. The app even supports the classic iPod “Cover Flow” interface. It lets you browse album covers like you would on a jukebox.

Change your look

The web application interface integrates different skins with different looks. There’s silver, black, and a red and black “U2 edition” that really brings back a sense of the music of yesteryear that people loved in the early years of this century.

An emulator for the old click wheel game Brick, integrated into Villarete’s app, also helps to trigger nostalgia. Originally invented by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Brick was a hidden feature on the very first iPod. (He was also known as Breakout.)

For best results, use a touchscreen device

The Villarete site works in any web browser. But for the best experience, try using a touchscreen device. It will give you more tactile effect which will trigger the nostalgia of old Apple hardware.

If you want to take a look at Villarete’s code for the project, you can see it on GitHub.

Now hopefully Apple doesn’t challenge the project, like it did with a similar music player app called Rewound, like The edge reported.

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