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Plex using sound analysis for the upgraded Plexamp music app with associated tracks and mixes

Plex released today with an upgrade to its Plexamp music app that brings an advanced neural network to sonically analyze your library with rich features like artists, albums and similar tracks, custom mixes, etc

Plex detailed the big Plexamp update (available to Plex Pass subscribers) on its blog today:

Today we are announcing a massive server upgrade for Plex Pass subscribers who have discovered our superb dedicated music app, Plexamp. We’ve added a sophisticated neural network that analyzes your music library, powering amazing new features and improving existing ones.

Here’s how the new Plexamp neural network works:

Once you enable Sonic Analysis on a music library, all tracks, albums, and artists are processed in order to place them into a musical universe (math nerd? This musical universe consists of points in an N-dimensional space) . This allows us to see how “close” everything in your library is to anything else, where the distance is based on a large number of sound elements in the audio.

And here are the benefits of using sonic analysis:

The most obvious way sound data is useful is to show similar artists, albums, and tracks. Although we already use metadata for similar artists (and albums as well, although we haven’t gotten much data for that), the need to rely on metadata has two big drawbacks: there’s a lot music without metadata (think obscure artists at Bandcamp or your high school band). Second, the sound analysis ensures that the similarity reflects the actual music you have.

Along with that, Plexamp has a new “Related” tab, a new Track + Album Radio feature, as well as “Mixes For You” powered by the new neural network.

All new features are included with Plex Media Server 1.24.0 for Plex Pass subscribers. Check out all the details in the Plex blog here.

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