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Tubidy is the best platform for you if you are a music lover. Whether you like rock songs or romantic songs, you will have everything in one place. Tubidy is the preferred platform which provides a comprehensive list of features for users. These features are quite attractive. Well, if you want to know more about it, keep reading the post. The post will provide all the relevant information you might want to know.

What says the site ?


Tubidy is one of the most popular search engines to get your favorite music. It offers an amazing list of features that make it different and unique from other similar sites. It is indeed one of the most reliable platforms to download songs that have not yet been released. The interesting part of this site is that it is very quick in its service. You won’t have to wait long to get what you want.

Moreover, you will also be able to save the songs to your playlist to listen to them later if the time is convenient for you. The platform also allows users to upload their videos which would be available to all Tubidy users. If you are a music lover, you might be looking for a website that has all songs of all languages ​​and genres in one place. Tubidy is exactly the platform that will help you in this regard. If you want to learn more about the platform, keep following the post.

Characteristics of Tubidy

Tubidy is an amazing platform with lots of cool features for users. To know the attractive features of this platform, follow the section below. Some of the important features have been listed below for better understanding.

For starters, the website offers free content. Users will be able to download any songs they want without compromising on quality. They would not be required to pay even a dime for any song they download from this site.

In addition, Tubidy has a huge collection of audio and video songs. You can get all categories of the song, from the newest to the most classic. Interestingly, all WhatsApp status songs, love songs, as well as comedy songs, will be available on this site for users to download.

Unlike many other platforms, Tubidy is among the most convenient platforms to use. Anyone, including the technologically retarded, could use this website to download any song they want without any assistance.

Moreover, if you are a music enthusiast and like to make music on your own, then there is a cool and exciting feature for you. Tubidy allows users to upload their videos to the platform. So when you upload your videos, people all over the world will be able to watch them.

In conclusion, the website is available both on mobile devices and on your system. You can also listen to songs in different languages. Well, if you like to listen to local songs from where you came from, grab the deal. Tubidy will do everything for you at no cost.

These are some of the cool features offered by the platform to all users. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Well, if that sounds like fun, read on, there is a lot more to get you excited about. The fun is not over yet. So, keep reading the post.


Tubidy is an awesome platform offering a huge set of categories to make it easy to access the video or audio you want to watch or listen to. Well, a few of the platform’s categories have been highlighted below. Go through them before visiting the site.

  • Hollywood: Initially, you can get all the Hollywood songs in one place.
  • Bollywood: Besides Hollywood songs, if you’re a Bollywood fan, Tubidy has it all.
  • Punjabi shots: Well, who doesn’t like Punjabi songs? Tubidy also contains Punjabi songs to fully engage you.
  • Devotional videos: The platform is not only for young adults, but it is also the best choice for elders because it provides all devotional songs.
  • Sports videos: What’s more, you can also download all the sports songs that you can listen to while you workout.
  • Comic videos: Comedy is a part that everyone loves. So, Tubidy provides users with all comedy videos for download.
  • WhatsApp Special: You might have seen a lot of people who keep showing amazing WhatsApp status. This begs the question: where do they get all this from? Well Tubidy is the key where you can find all the amazing videos.
  • Science and technology: Not only fun, romantic and devotional songs, Tubidy also allows you to get videos related to science and technology.

These are some of the categories offered by the site. There are many more that you will find out by visiting the free songs and videos download site. Now go further to know the process of downloading audios or videos from the site.

How to download

Tubidy is a search engine that helps you get all the songs you want. Interestingly, it allows users to download or share these songs with others without even spending a dime. However, if you want to learn the process of downloading songs from this site, follow the next section.

  • The first step is to open your browser from your mobile device or from your computer system. The preferred browser would be the UC browser.
  • The next step is to search the Tubidy website to download your favorite songs.
  • When you open the website, you enter the platform home page.
  • Well, you will see a lot of categories like my download, search box, recently viewed ads and others.
  • To continue the process, you need to tap in the search box to type in the name of the song you want to download.
  • As you type in the name, you will be tested if you are human via the captcha.
  • After confirming the captcha, you will be taken to another page where you will see the song you searched for.
  • You will have two options here. You can either share the song with your friends via WhatsApp or add it to your playlist.
  • Now when you visit your playlist, you get all the songs you downloaded through the site.

If you are a music lover, follow the steps mentioned above to get the songs you want without much hassle. Now let’s move on to the next section to know about other similar sites that offer equally awesome features to users.

Alternative list

Tubidy is indeed the best platform to download all the latest songs. If you’re a music lover and want to check out a few other similar platforms with the same kind of content, we’ve got you covered. Some of the best Tubidy alternatives have been highlighted below for your reference.

  • 4k video downloader
  • Help with downloading videos
  • Bulk Media Downloader
  • Bee Mp3
  • YouTube video and audio downloader
  • Freemake Video Downloader
  • Audiomack
  • DaMixHub Mixtapes and Hip-hop
  • My free music and audio mixtapes

These are some of the Tubidy alternatives that you can always visit if you want to explore a lot in this arena. It will be one hell of an adventurous journey to experience all of these amazing platforms.


1. Is it legal to use the Tubidy app on your mobile device?

It is not completely legal to download songs from Tubidy, but it is indeed safe.

2. Can you download the songs without loosening your pocket?

Yes, it is worth noting that you can download the songs without spending even a dime.

3. Does Tubidy involve many steps to download a song?

No, the process of downloading the songs is quite straightforward and easy.

4. Are there too many ads disrupting your feed?

Unlike many other platforms, Tubidy doesn’t have too many ads.

5. Do you need to create a Tubidy account to use it?

No, you can download the songs even without registering on the platform.


Tubidy is a platform that offers users a lot of attractive features. The above post was written for informational purposes only. However, we do not recommend users to download music from an illegal site as it can come with many risks. At the same time, it is not safe to download content from an illegal site as it inherently violates copyright issues. We strongly suggest our readers to be careful before visiting such sites.

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