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Apple Music app gets faster with MacOS 12.2 Beta | Improvements with iTunes items

Apple’s new operating system brings an improvement to MacBook Pro owners when it comes to its music app. With that, the Apple Music app is expected to get faster with the new macOS 12.2 beta update.

Apple macOS 12.2 Beta Update

According to Engadget’s story, Apple has just rolled out the new macOS 12.2 beta update that is currently available for public testers through its beta program. To add, the ability for public testers to try out the feature was made available just a day after Apple released it for developers.

According to reports from 9to5Mac, the new OS comes with a brand new music app which the company has rebuilt as a fully native app. To add, Apple initially introduced macOS’s new dedicated music app in 2019.

Music app with iTunes Elements

The new Music app retains some iTunes stuff for a number of its parts. This means that it always displays web content within the app itself.

Based on the details spotted by 9to5Mac, the new macOS 12.2 beta uses the AppKit, which is a necessary framework to help give apps a native interface of its own. Although there is no big difference in the interface, the new app should work faster.

Apple Music search now faster

An example of this is searching for songs with the new Apple Music which will appear faster due to displaying results on a native interface. Scrolling should also be smoother, and some trackpad gestures will also be more responsive to users.

Along with Apple’s all-new Music app, the new macOS 12.2 will make scrolling in its Safari browser much smoother for 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, supporting up to 120Hz refresh rate. .

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Beta Developer Access Utility for macOS

Users interested in testing the new macOS 12.2 will need to download and install Developer Beta Access Utility for the new macOS. With this, users will access the latest beta update in the Software Update section of System Preferences.

To properly download the beta, here is a complete guide with a step-by-step process to get macOS Monterey public beta or developer data. Other features include universal control, FaceTime’s SharePlay, and even a new focus mode and shortcuts app.

According to 9to5Mac, comparing the two apps side-by-side, the new music beta app looks a bit more streamlined but with a number of interface effects missing. Additionally, the post added that this is likely because Apple changed everything and it will take some time for the native version to get all of its visual effects back.

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