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Apple Music app gets redesigned widgets on Android

In a shocking turn of events, Apple is actually launching apps on the Google Play Store; however, they don’t work very well. The best performing is the Apple Music app. Apple Music app gets redesigned widgets on Android.

Apple Music app will get redesigned widgets

Apple has released all four apps on the Google Play Store, and none of them have particularly high star ratings. They total about 3.1 stars on average. However, the music streaming app was able to earn 50 million downloads and a 3.9 star rating. It allows people to access their Apple, which is good for people who are switching from iOS to Android but don’t want to lose their music.

From the beginning, the two standard widget types for a music player. There’s the “Recently Played” widget and the much larger “Apple Music Player” widget. Now Apple Music is getting its widgets revamped in a big update.

The Apple Music player widget has been slightly enlarged. It’s wider and taller, which means it fills the screen a bit more. The smallest widget has the most changes, in fact. First, it can be scaled to several sizes: 3×2 and 3×1. The album art and song title are a bit bigger in the beta, allowing you to see more of the title.

One change that affects both larger and smaller widgets is color. Now both widgets will have a theme based on the colors of the album art. From the screenshots, it looks like the theme will be quite primitive, as there are only two shades for the colors applied.

We also get a glimpse of Apple’s potential classical music platform.

Digging through the beta’s APK file, the folks at 9to5Google were able to find code hinting at an app dedicated to classical music. Last year, Apple acquired an app called PrimePhonic to help boost its classical music selection. It told its users that a dedicated Apple Classical app would be released in early 2022 after Primephonic shut down.

Hidden in the APK code is a string that displays the name “Apple Classical”. Also, there seems to be the potential ability to open a track directly in the app. We don’t really know when or if this service will actually materialize. Companies always place code for future features in the current application. Sometimes the company cuts the feature before it can be released.

Either way, an all-classical music platform sounds exciting, especially for avid classical users. We shouldn’t have too long to wait for the application.

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