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Apple to launch new classical music app in 2022: opens up new UX designer role

Earlier this year, in August, Apple announced the purchase of a popular streaming service for classical music called Primephonic. The gears are still turning on this project, because Apple is openly looking to hire a UX designer to help with the next app.

Whoever lands the role will be able to choose between London or Amsterdam, where they will “provide UX expertise and fresh insights specifically for Primephonic”. Apple makes it clear that the new app is meant to bring something special and unique as an experience, focusing on “visual, auditory and haptic”.

The posting on Apple’s job site gives the impression that Primephonic as a brand will continue to live inside the tech giant’s app. However, it should be mentioned that Primephonic itself was taken offline on September 7, 2021. Thereafter, new subscriptions were no longer possible, while old subscribers enjoyed free access to Apple Music for six months, including many classic albums supporting Spatial and Lossless. Sound. Neither company has given enough information to know exactly how the merger will happen. On the other hand, the two liked each other and seem to want to work together on this project.

Right now, if you go to On Primephonic’s website, you’ll see a message saying “We’re working on an amazing new classic music experience from Apple for early next year.”

Apple’s classical music app is set to arrive in 2022, when many other exciting products, such as Apple’s first VR/AR headset, are set to launch. The app will supposedly combine the best of both worlds, blending Apple’s spatial and lossless audio with Primephonic’s specialization in building an interface dedicated to classical music fans.

If you are a UX designer and want to work for Apple on this project, now is your chance to try your luck!

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