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Japanese ‘Music Station’ cancels BTS appearance over ‘controversial’ t-shirt

Japanese ‘Music Station’ cancels BTS appearance over ‘controversial’ t-shirt

BTS’s scheduled appearance on “Music Station,” a flagship music program from Japanese broadcaster Asahi, has been canceled, sparking a flurry of controversy.

The announcement came a day before the K-pop group’s scheduled appearance on the Japanese music program slated for Friday. “Music Station” said on its official website, “A specific t-shirt worn by a member of BTS caused controversy, which was reported by the media. We asked about the intention to wear the outfit at agency of the act and tried to discuss it.After a comprehensive review, however, we decided to cancel the appearance of the act on the show.

Big Hit Entertainment also shared the news on the group’s official Japanese fan page with an apology.

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In October, a Japanese media outlet reported that BTS member Jimin was wearing a shirt that featured a photo of Koreans celebrating liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945 and an atomic bomb dropped in Japan.

The garment also showed words like “Patriotism”, “Our History”, “Liberation” and “Korea”.

Claiming that the t-shirt was the source of anti-Japanese sentiment, the outlet even called the group “anti-Japanese.”

Following the announcement of the cancellation of the Japanese appearance, Korean netizens sent their support to BTS with comments such as “What’s wrong with a Korean wearing a shirt celebrating the day of the liberation of Korea? “So the cancellation of the show was related to the T-shirt after all. It’s not an anti-Japanese shirt, it’s historical fact” and “I’m proud of BTS for canceling the show and its historical awareness “.

Meanwhile, BTS’s new Japanese single “Fake Love / Airplane pt.2”, released on Wednesday, ranked No.1 on the Oricon Daily Singles Chart.

BTS will be performing at Tokyo Dome on November 13-14, before moving on to Nagoya Dome, Kyosera Dome in Osaka, and Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome, as part of his “Love Yourself” tour in Japan.


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