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More FM # 1 Breakfast Music Station in New Zealand – Commercial Radio Survey

“It’s fantastic for the team, they will be happy today,” said Leon Wratt, content director for MediaWorks Radio.

Wratt admits it’s surprising that The Edge came in second behind More in terms of overall audience.

“More FM has had a very good year. The investment we have made in More FM in terms of entertainment and local programming is really paying off for us.”

MediaWorks radio brands represent seven of the country’s top 10 commercial radio stations, including the top three drive shows. The Rock leads between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., followed by The Breeze and More FM respectively.

Wratt says the result is a testament to the strength of MediaWorks’ radio brands.

“The last time the top drive show was [The Breeze’s] Robert Scott, this time it’s The Rock, and before that we had other people up there as well, ”Wratt said.

“It’s a tight competition. Everyone has a chance to win the crown.”

This year’s change in The Rock’s hosting lineup appears to have paid off, with the afternoon duo of Jay Reeve and Duncan Heyde claiming the title of the country’s number one show.

“It’s fantastic to see The Rock end the year really well. There’s definitely going to be some beers and cracked Woodys at The Rock this afternoon, they’re going to love it today.”

The Breeze managed to increase its lead as the number one music station nationwide, holding an overall audience share of 9.2 percent.

Wratt says The Breeze was “Rockstar of the Year,” with continued growth and positive results nationwide throughout 2019.

NZME had another good result with the performance of Newstalk ZB, which Wratt says is not surprising given the effect of the Rugby World Cup on the audience.

“It was just a solid book, they will be happy with it.”

Meanwhile, MediaWorks radio’s digital reach continues to expand, with its Rova content delivery app boasting 3.5 million streams, a 141% increase over last year.

“This is huge. It shows that there is really an increasing use of digital as a means of tuning in to radio. The investment that the whole industry is making in it is tremendous.”

The full GfK Total New Zealand Commercial Radio Survey can be read on its official site.

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