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Nashville Public Radio Launches New Music Station on 91.1 FM

Nashville Public Radio (WPLN) plans to launch a new “Music Discovery Station” this fall on 91.1 FM – bringing eclectic local sounds back to the old frequency of the Vanderbilt student radio station.

At the helm is program director Jason Moon Wilkins, previously the host of WPLN’s “All Things Considered”.

WPLN announced Wilkins’ appointment this week, highlighting the new station’s commitment to broadcast local music.

“This city has one of the fastest growing music scenes in the world and more people working in the industry per capita than anywhere in the United States,” Wilkins said. “We look forward to giving these voices new ways to be heard.”

Wilkins, a longtime champion of made-in-Nashville music, created the Next Big Nashville and Soundland festivals and was a founding member of the Music City Music Council (MC2).

The new station will broadcast on 91.1 FM, replacing 91Classic, which streams WPLN’s classical music library. 91Classical will switch to digital and HD radio platforms.

From 1971 to 2011, the frequency was home to Vanderbilt’s student radio station, WRVU, which provided students and community members with a broad platform to share music of all genres.

Among Wilkins’ recent efforts: to create and host “A radio alarm clock for John Prine,” which has become the most popular feature in WPLN news history.

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