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Pandora Launches Latin Music Station El Detour | Billboard

“It became clear to us that there were a ton of artists – and this has been true for ages – operating on the fringes of mainstream commercial music,” Juarez said. “El Detour shines a light on some of these biggest artists who are huge right now, such as Cuco, Kali Uchis and Bomba Estero, artists that we’ve heard about and some are signed with majors. But we also really wanted to put highlight and celebrate many of these artists working to build audiences in their respective regions. ”

Juarez revealed that Pandora is launching the El Detour marketing campaign with Cuco, Kali Uchis, Helado Negro and the Marias, adding that they represent a diverse sample of distinct sounds.

“Something in English, something in Spanish, they are bicultural and they straddle both sides of the Latin identity, of the American identity and they are iconic of the young Latinos in the United States consuming music from all over the place.” , Juarez said. “We see this reflected in the culture of festivals such as Viva Pomona [in Southern California] or Tropicalia, which will arrive later in the year. “

Juarez also highlighted some of Pandora’s offerings of Latin classics, nostalgic music from around the world, like Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. It’s a way to “create relevant musical listening experiences regardless of what genre or mood you find yourself in,” he adds.

“Pandora has always been adept at fostering discovery,” Juarez said. “With this project, we are looking to accelerate this process of discovery and bring the music in front of people who otherwise might not be aware. Latin music continues to thrive and I think we have succeeded in reflecting the Latin culture. and to be representative of the diversity of it all. “

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