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Route 1’s new eclectic underground music station streams vinyl 24/7

A new free underground music station on the Route 1 corridor plays eclectic music 24 hours a day from a collection of vinyl songs you probably won’t hear on the radio.

Since August, local resident Todd Dengel has been running The Wax Altaran online music station that streams songs from its vast and eclectic collection of vinyl records.

On any given day, listeners may hear mbaqanga 1980s South African songs, singer-songwriter Jean Prinea Christmas album of the blues greats Booker T. and the MGsor the German electronics pioneers Kraftwerk.

Dengel’s collection began during his childhood, when he bought his own albums and borrowed his father’s to use on a turntable in his bedroom.

“When I was a kid there were a lot of compilation albums with 1950s and 1960s rock songs aimed at kids like ‘Looney Tunes’ or ‘Goofy Greats’ and that bled into my parents’ records,” he told the Hyattsville Wire. “My dad had what turned out to be very good early doo wop and blues 45s. I always kept and maintained them as the collection and my tastes grew.

After digitizing his collection, Dengel set up the music to play randomly on The Wax Altar via internet radio website Live 365. Since last month, it is also on To agreethe most used radio app for Google Home, Alexa and Sonos, which just named it one of the four Editor’s Choice for New and Emerging Stations in the USA

It is currently licensed in the US, Canada, and the UK and is working on adding other countries as well.

Locally, Dengel likes to stop Sonidos Music in Beltsville and Red onion records in Hyattsville to complete his vinyl collection.

“I like to share the excitement with the owners of these stores when a large number of records arrive,” he said. “It’s a unique owner-customer relationship – I think it’s like someone has a favorite bar.”

You can listen to The Wax Altar for free on his main siteas well as on top Live 365 Where To agree. You can also consult his Instagram page for posts on currently playing albums.

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