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Save 20% on this Modern Gotek Music Station

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Cell phones used to just take incoming calls, but now they’re responsible for keeping the time, setting alarms, and even playing music. All of these features make most smartphones a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Now you can extend some of these functions to Gotek music station, a three-in-one device that has Qi-compatible smartphone wireless charging and can simultaneously stream music through high-quality speakers via Bluetooth, auxiliary input, TF slot or FM radio.

If you are used to using your phone as a clock, the Gotek music stationThe LED screen in the display also shows the time, so you won’t have to keep grabbing your phone in the middle of the night to see how long you can sleep before your alarm goes off. For anyone looking to declutter their nightstand with cords and extra gadgets, the Gotek can make an immediate difference.

You can get the Gotek Music Station at 20% off right now, which brings the total price down to just $ 47.

Prices subject to change.

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