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Spotify is the best music streaming app [Cult of Mac’s Essential iOS Apps #39]

Music streaming has revolutionized the way we listen to music on the go. Starting with streaming radio and rapidly evolving to carry millions of songs in your pocket (thanks to cellular data), streaming services have enabled incredible access and discovery of great music.

With Spotify, you can enjoy your favorites and discover new, quality music better than ever, thanks to algorithmic intelligence and some awesome features.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming platform that allows users to play over 35 million songs without saving them on a device. There is an ad-supported free tier as well as a paid, ad-free service called Spotify Premium.

The pioneering music streaming service delivers a superior social listening experience. Spotify allows users to share playlists and see what their friends are listening to. You can also follow individual artists to stay up to date with the latest music or inspiration from your favorite artists. Plus, Spotify’s personalized music discovery features are ideal for expanding your musical horizons.

Why Spotify is Great: Discovering Music

Spotify offers amazing music discovery features that make it the best music streaming service.

The first way to find new music is with the Discover Weekly Custom Playlist. For paid customers (and soon for free users), Spotify creates a personalized weekly music playlist for each listener. What makes Discover Weekly great is that it is generated based on the music you listen to and record. Compared to the playlists made for you to another one A streaming service, Discover Weekly generally feels more personal and in line with your preferences.

Spotify discovers weekly, daily mixes, playlists and sharing features
Daily mixes, hundreds of playlists, Discover Weekly, and social features make Spotify the best music streaming app.
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs / Cult of Mac

Spotify’s second great music discovery feature is the Daily Mix. These custom radio stations (six in total) feature artist- or genre-specific music to suit your tastes. Unlike the Discover Weekly 30-song playlist, Daily Mixes work more like a radio station, chaining tracks based on genre or artist. Daily mixes are perfect for enjoying both new and old music, giving you a listening experience unmatched by the competition.

Just like iTunes and the Apple Music app, you can save the tracks you find on Spotify to your account, which allows you to create a library of your favorites. It works to train the algorithm of the service to your liking and also makes it easier to find music.

Once in your library, music can be viewed by artist, album, or song. Playlists and music in your library can also be saved for offline listening, making the Spotify app ideal for listening to music on flights or when you are running low on data for the month.

Who is Spotify streaming for?

If you love music, but want to save storage space, Spotify is a great way to stream your favorite music. Anyone who enjoys discovering new music, but also has discerning tastes, will appreciate the customization features that make Spotify special.

Conclusion: Spotify is the best music streaming app

The music discovery features of the app (and the service as a whole) are arguably the best of any streaming service. If you love to listen to music, you will love Spotify. With a huge music library and top notch customization, this is the best music streaming service.

Price: Free (get Spotify Premium for $ 9.99 per month).

Download from: App store

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