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UAE’s first nostalgic Arabic music station -ZAIN FM – Middle East Campaign

The UAE’s most listened to radio stations – Al Murad Group’s Channel 4 radio network – with 3.8 million listeners daily (IPSOS February 2020), are now preparing to launch their fifth radio station – ZAIN FM . It will be their 2sd Arabic language station.

Mr. Abdulla Mohammed Al Murad, President of the Al Murad Group, motivated the birth of this station as: “Every story, every incident, every era is incomplete without music, which in a way defines not only people, but generations. While people may call it retro, true music connoisseurs call it the music of the golden era! We want to bring this music back to the UAE airwaves!

As the name suggests, ZAIN FM aims to bring people into a state of calm, serenity, inner peace and longing in everyday life.

“If everyone thinks that the main buyer or decision maker in a typical Arab family is a man / woman over 35, then why isn’t there a radio station that targets them? This demographic is huge and untapped so far – with up to 1 million people! ZAIN FM will engage this audience group and introduce them to the brands, services and products of our advertisers. – cited Channel 4 Network Sales Director – Mohammed Jundi.

The Arabic Nostalgia radio station will target the expatriate and Emirati Arab population, in the 35+ age group, who grew up on the music of that era.

The station’s music playlist will be created with the avid listeners and followers of Middle Eastern Arabic music and will contain the largest collection of songs from this era spanning the 60s to the late 90s., noted Program Director Al Rabia & Zain FM – Philippe Riachy

Channel 4 Radio Network aims to make every effort to reach its target audience in the coming months by activating and promoting the channel’s content on social, digital platforms and various music events.

Zain FM, launched on April 5, 2020, will be available throughout the UAE on 103.2 FM.


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