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The mandatory switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music has now taken a new step. Here’s what you need to know before the timer runs out.

Google Play Music, which launched in 2011 to allow users to stream, purchase songs to download, and store their music collections in the cloud, is giving way completely to the YouTube Music app. The phased shutdown process will be completed by December. On YouTube Music, users can not only stream music but also access music videos and live performances that can only be found on YouTube.

The change is how Google is streamlining its product mix as Google Play Music and YouTube Music share a lot of features, with the development also reflecting the evolution of the music distribution model. Google Play Music was an effort to digitize physical media and channel listeners into streaming. However, there is a section of music lovers who take pride in owning audio files and with YouTube Music the option to purchase will not be available.


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The streamlining process began in May when Google launched a migration tool to move music libraries to YouTube Music. From the end of August, users will no longer be able to purchase, pre-order, upload or download music through Music Manager. Instead, Google’s transfer tool will help users transfer anything they bought or downloaded from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, including playlists. From September in New Zealand and South Africa (globally from October), users will no longer be able to use the Play Music app at all, although Google will keep purchases and other data until December 2020.

Migrating from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Transferring content from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is easy. For those with phones running Android 10, the YouTube Music app is already here. For others, download the app for Android or iOS, then click the transfer button in settings. The process will take care of your playlists, likes and dislikes, and preferences. If you want to transfer the content from your computer, go to and click transfer. The transfer may take some time, depending on the size of the Play Music library, but once completed the user will be notified.

YouTube Music has some good deals to make sure users stay with the service and the length of playlists has dropped from 1,000 songs to 5,000 songs. In addition, users can also add up to 100,000 personal tracks to their library (compared to 50,000 on Google Play Music), and paid members can download any song or music video. What YouTube Music offers is a good level of integration with Google and YouTube profiles, which aims to ensure better recommendations overall. Whether it’s Google’s YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music or Spotify, all are looking to increase their subscriber share as the switch to streaming continues to gain momentum.

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